Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Gives Husband David a Lap Dance at Their Wedding Reception

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Christine Brown is truly the life of the party. The Sister Wives star, 51, was seen at her wedding reception giving her new husband, David Woolley, a playful — and brief — lap dance, and their guests were all for it! The bride straddled the groom while he sat in a chair in the middle of the dance floor after they exchanged vows. 

Before the newlyweds got to the altar, Christine enjoyed a few moments of fun, according to a clip shared by Us Weekly on December 20. In one separate scene, the TLC personality was seen taking a swig at what appeared to be a beer. As she drank the beverage, several family members and other friends chanted, “Chug!” while they headed over to the wedding. 

The rest of Christine and David’s beautiful and intimate ceremony played out toward the end of the sneak peek from this week’s upcoming episode of Sister Wives. Fans got a glimpse at Christine walking down the aisle. During a joint confessional together, Christine gushed that she was “overwhelmed with happiness” while David noted, “I feel like I’ve known you my whole life.” 

Scott Kirkland/Shutterstock

Christine’s co-star and best friend Janelle Brown attended the event, and she was seen getting her hair and makeup done for the ceremony in the episode teaser. At one point, Janelle, 54, weighed in on how different this relationship is for Christine in comparison to what she had with ex-husband Kody Brown.  

“The fact that they are openly affectionate soothes that wound that Kody inflicted,” Janelle pointed out. 

However, not everybody was over the moon for the couple. In a separate scene, Kody, 54, was seen sitting next to his now only remaining wife, Robyn Brown, at home, claiming that Christine had an “accusation” against him until Robyn, 45, interrupted Kody to say, “Aren’t we just so happy for them?”  

At the end of the preview, fans saw the stunning lake backdrop at the wedding ceremony, where Christine and David exchanged their vows at an altar overlooking the water and mountains. 

Christine’s whirlwind relationship with David has been playing out during the current season of Sister Wives. The duo confirmed their romance in February of this year and tied the knot in October. 

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