‘Say Yes To The Dress’ Finale: One Bride’s Mom Hates A $21K Reception Dress That Her Daughter Loves

’ Finale: One Bride’s Mom Hates A $21K Reception Dress That Her Daughter Loves />

The ‘Say Yes To The Dress’ finale has arrived. In this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Sept. 12 episode, a bride falls in love with one reception dress but her mom says it makes her look like a ‘cake topper.’

Bride Alexandra Gerhart has already found the wedding dress of her dreams, but she’s coming to Kleinfeld to look for a sexy Pnina Tornai dress to wear at her reception. She tries one reception gown on in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Say Yes To The Dress finale that has a sheer bustier top and gorgeous Swarovski crystals. The dress retails for a whopping $21,300.

“I’m excited about this one, and I just had an instant feeling that it was the one,” Alex says in our EXCLUSIVE preview. “Right now, I’m sure this is the dress. But honestly, if my mom hates it I don’t know what I’ll do.”

Bride Alex tries on a glamorous reception dress. (TLC)

When Alex walks out to the floor, her mom automatically doesn’t seem impressed with this dress. Alex’s mom asks her daughter what she thinks of the reception dress. Alex admits that she doesn’t like the dangling jewels. Her mom asks about all the “fluff.” Alex turns around and realizes that her mom hates the dress.

“I think you look like a cake topper,” Alex’s mom tells her daughter. She says to her daughter in a confessional, “I mean, when you put that on and you see yourself with all that stuff, I mean, did you feel like, yes? Yes, this is what I want?”

A bride and her mother don’t see eye-to-eye on the reception dress. (TLC)

Alex’s mom adds that she thinks this reception dress “makes her bum look flat and her hips look wide. Who wants a flat bum?” She does say it’s a “great dress” if you’re only thinking about the “bust up.”

For Alex, this is obviously a letdown because she did love the dress. “I obviously want my mom to love the dress, but my biggest concern is not finding a dress to please both of us,” she says. The Say Yes To The Dress finale will air Sept. 12 at 8 p.m. on TLC.

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