Sam Hargrave Recalls Going From Stuntman To Director For Action-Packed ‘Extraction’ Franchise (Exclusive)

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Sam Hargrave follows up his 2020 directorial debut Extraction with the second installment in the franchise, Extraction 2, with Chris Hemsworth once again leading the way. The highly-anticipated sequel to the action-packed AGBO film comes out on Netflix on June 16th, and features Hargrave’s masterful stunt choreography and direction. Due to his past as a longtime stuntman and stunt coordinator on franchises like The Hunger Games and Marvel movies, Hagrave offered a unique perspective when it came to directing the film while speaking with HollywoodLife reporter Ali Stagnitta at the Extraction 2 premiere, on behalf of AGBO.

The cast & crew of ‘Extraction 2’ at the NYC premiere of the Netflix movie. (Shutterstock)

“I think my background just provides me with a unique perspective on action and an ability to, because I’ve seen so much and been involved with so much action through my career, I can grab the camera and put position myself where the good stuff’s happening,” Hargrave said. “I think part of that is the desire to have an immersive experience for the audience and to grab ’em by the shirt collar and rip ’em into the movie and say, ‘Come on, let’s go on a ride.‘ That’s the point of view I like to bring to my filmmaking.”

He went on to say that Extraction 2 had “the best stunt team in the business,” which helped bring to life the epic and perfectly choreographed 21-minute fight sequence that occurs in the film. “So many great minds, so many great choreographers and action designers that they understand the ask,” Hargrave gushed. “My job as the director is to curate all the best ideas, and I learned from the Russo Brothers that the best idea wins — it doesn’t always come from me, the filmmaker, it comes from many different places. So, I want to hire my team with the best people who have greater minds than mine, even, and then they bring all the best ideas… my job is to see the big picture and then to pick and be selective with the action that makes the most sense for the story and for the characters.”

Chris Hemsworth & Sam Hargrave. (Shutterstock)

He went on to say, “It’s a dream come true. I mean, I grew up wanting to do this, tell stories through action, and to get to work with AGBO and Netflix and this guy, Chris Hemsworth, is just an honor and privilege.”

Fans have been anxiously awaiting the sequel to Extraction, after the first was met with rave reviews when it released on Netflix in 2020.  The first installment of the Sam Hargrave-directed thriller ended with fans unsure if Chris Hemsworth’s former military man turned mercenary Tyler Rake was going to make it through the horrific injuries he sustained in the final gun fight with an Indian drug lord and his crew. Of course, we see in Extraction 2, out on Netflix on June 16, that Tyler recuperates and is quickly approached by an unnamed Idris Elba, who hires him for a dangerous job that he can’t refuse. From there, the Russo Brothers deliver some of the most epic, gritty, and bloody fight scenes we’ve seen from them and as always, we’re left wanting more.

Extraction 2, starring Chris Hemsworth, hits Netflix on June 16th.

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