Liddy Clark Lives Out Her ‘Bachelorette’ Musings In Dreamy New Song ‘Wrapped Up in Roses’

What’s it like to fall in love so quickly? Liddy Clark explores the concept of ‘The Bachelor’ in her new song ‘Wrapped Up In Roses!’ Listen here first!

Liddy Clark is living out her dreams of true love in her new song ‘Wrapped Up In Roses!’ While the Parkland, FL native hasn’t been in the kind ‘real love’ she describes in the single, she admitted she was inspired by one too many nights watching The Bachelor and The Bachelorette! “I wrote this song after watching a few too many hours of the Bachelor and wondering what it would really be like to fall in love that quickly (like, the real kind of love),” she told in an EXCLUSIVE interview about the new song. ” I’ve never truly had the type of feelings I’m describing in the song, but it sure is fun to fantasize about what it could be like meeting the right person, especially when it is so difficult to meet people now!”

Liddy, 22, noted her musical inspirations include Maren Morris, Maggie Rogers, and John Mayer, which can certainly be heard in this dreamy new song. “I wrote this song in early 2020 right as the pandemic was starting to hit. I’ve loved giving myself little songwriting exercises to practice my craft and this was a love song I wanted to write without using the word ‘love,’” she explained. “Me & my producer, Mark Siegel, recorded it shortly after & I got to create my own home studio in my LA apartment — while Mark was at his studio in Nashville — for the process.”

(Photo by Chad Brady)

She added, “It was a super fun song to write & I’m really proud of the hook I came up with for the chorus!” HollywoodLife is so excited to give Liddy’s fans the first listen of “Wrapped Up In Roses.” Be sure to stream the song and download it when it drops tomorrow, December 4th, on all streaming platforms!


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