Khloe Kardashian & Kris Jenner Get Into Heated Fight: No One’s ‘Looking Out for Me’

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Kris Jenner is thinking about Khloé Kardashian’s next chapter and thinks her daughter should enter the podcasting arena. When Kris, 67, brings up the podcast idea to Khloé, 39, in the November 2 episode of The Kardashians, the Good American founder is immediately hesitant. Khloé’s worried about saying the wrong thing.

But mostly, Khloé says she just “can’t take on other responsibilities” right now. “I don’t have a team to lean on,” Khloé tells her mother. Kris, as her manager, is only there until Khloé signs the contract.

Kris maintains her stance about the podcast, but Khloé disagrees. Khloé wants to fix the problems with her other endeavors first. “I think one of my frustrations with you is there’s not a lot of follow-through after something is done, and this is me talking to you as my manager,” Khloé explains. She’s not directly blaming Kris, but there are glaring issues to address.

Khloe Kardashian talks to Kris Jenner. (Hulu)

“I agree that it’s very difficult for me to be in two places at the same time. I understand your frustration,” Kris replies. She stresses that she would help Khloé build a team for her podcast. Khloé snaps that she’s “never” had a team built around her in any of the other jobs she’s had.

“There’s issues that I have with my manager,” Khloé admits. “Not my mom, my manager. When I try to address those issues, I get a lot of pushback, and it’s always like a guilt trip, things that a mom would do. And those lines get really blurred. They’re very gray.”

Khloé goes on to tell her mom, “I never feel like there’s people that are looking out for me. I have to do it all on my own in every single category and job I have.” Kris responds, “You’re disappointed in my performance, and I feel terrible about that.”

Khloé and Kris continue to fight over the podcast idea. Eventually, Khloé’s had enough. “And what I’m getting at is I’m not gonna continue the conversation, and I’m not talking to this bullsh*t that you keep trying because I’m never f**king heard,” Khloé declares. “We put a band-aid over a bullet hole, and she likes to patronize me.” She says she’s “so turned off” by this conversation.

Kris Jenner during her tense talk with Khloe. (Hulu)

Kris thinks her daughter is “spiraling.” She urges Khloé to “calm down” and says her emotions are “festering.”  Khloé is convinced that her mom doesn’t understand all that’s going on in her life, and she acknowledges that she doesn’t have “a lot of expectations.”

Kris is very solution-based and wants to “find a way to make Khloé happy.” She wants Khloé to do something that’s in her heart.  “I don’t have a lot of things in my heart in general these days,” Khloé admits. New episodes of The Kardashians premiere Thursdays on Hulu.


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