Jon Stewart Returning to ‘The Daily Show’: Everything to Know About His Long-Awaited Comeback

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Jon Stewart has long been one of the most prominent voices, not only in comedy but also in the realm of political news. The comic, 61, was largely responsible for popularizing Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, where he kept viewers both informed and laughing. 

After leaving The Daily Show in 2015, the program was hosted by South African comic Trevor Noah who became a national success as the show’s host. Trevor stepped away after hosting for seven years in 2022, and the show has since been hosted by a rotating door of comedians. While the show hasn’t taken up a full-time replacement just yet, it was revealed that Jon would be returning to the classic show on Wednesday, January 24. Find out everything you need to know about his return here!

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How Long Was Jon Stewart on ‘The Daily Show’?

While many people began following The Daily Show when Jon was the host, he actually wasn’t the first person to sit behind the desk. When the comedy news show premiered in 1996, it was originally anchored by comic Craig Kilborn, who held the job until 1998. The following year, Jon took over as host, starting his tenure in January 1999.

Jon was the host through so many pivotal historical events, including the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001, Hurricane Katrina, and former  President Barack Obama’s election. During his time on the show, he also had some future comedy superstars serving as his correspondents, most notably Stephen Colbert, who went on to host his own satiric news show The Colbert Report, until taking over The Late Show on CBS. He also won 22 Emmy Awards, most of which were for The Daily Show. Jon held his position behind the desk for 16 years, before stepping away in 2015.

What Did Jon Stewart Do After ‘The Daily Show’?

After leaving The Daily Show, Jon made occasional guest appearances on TV shows, including reuniting with his former correspondent Stephen Colbert on The Late Show a few times. He also continued to perform stand-up and directed the political comedy Irresistible.

Most notably, Jon also starred in his own series The Problem With Jon Stewart on AppleTV+ from September 2021 until April 2023. Similar to his old job, the comic tackled political issues with a comedic sensibility, but each episode focused on an individual issue, like gun control, climate change, or veterans.

Is Jon Stewart Returning to ‘The Daily Show’?

Nearly nine years after leaving The Daily Show, it was announced that Jon would be returning to the program to host on Mondays, according to CNN. He’ll make his return on Monday, February 12, 2024. While the comic is not taking over full-time, it was revealed that he’ll also be serving as an executive producer on the program. Showtime and MTV Entertainment Studios CEO Chris McCarthy explained why Jon was the perfect person to return, especially in the lead-up to the 2024 presidential election. “Stewart is the voice of our generation, and we are honored to have him return to Comedy Central’s The Daily Show to help us all make sense of the insanity and division roiling the country as we enter the election season,” he said in a statement. “In our age of staggering hypocrisy and performative politics, Jon is the perfect person to puncture the empty rhetoric and provide much-needed clarity with his brilliant wit.”

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