Jamie Miller’s ‘Here’s Your Perfect’ Video Is About Turning Heartbreak Into ‘Something Beautiful’

Out of a heart-wrenching experience, comes art – and a revelation. Rising star Jamie Miller finds his ‘perfect’ ending – or close enough – and shares why this new song is so ‘personal.’

We find Jamie Miller in a pensive mood at the start of “Here’s Your Perfect,” the new song/video from this up-and-coming singer-songwriter. “I remember the day / even wrote down the date / that I fell for you,” he sings, but it’s clear that this is not a happy tale he’s telling. As he wanders through the memories, we watch as the relationship crumbles under infidelity. Rather than sink into despair and unfairly blame himself, he realizes “my best was just fine.”

It’s a spark of maturing from this young man, and the song soars upon this message of self-respect. “You won’t see me break / and call you up in three days / or send you a bouquet / saying ‘it’s a mistake,’” he sings before the chorus. The soulful song recognizes that sometimes, a relationship is only ‘perfect’ when you find that ‘perfect’ way to let someone go.

Jamie Miller, gazing out into the potential future (Jessica Spohr)

“This is the first song I wrote in LA about something that was so personal to me,” he shares with HollywoodLife. “I would always hear songs on the radio that gave me a feeling of ‘wow I wish I wrote that’ – but ‘Here’s Your Perfect’ is mine, and I feel like even if it wasn’t, I would still wish I wrote it, so that’s a cool feeling.”

“The inspiration for the video came from a real experience, unfortunately!” he adds. Sadly, the visual – with its infidelity and heartbreak – are accurate. But, channeling this pain, Jamie entered a studio, and created an anthem to help those who may be going through a similar experience. “I think that’s the beauty of art though, you can go through stuff and turn it into something beautiful,” he adds. Towards the end of the video, Jamie also shares something deeply personal: a recent revelation about his own sexuality.

(Jessica Spohr)

Jamie says he “found myself through the pandemic,” specifically how he realized that “gender doesn’t determine who I can fall in love with,” he says in a statement accompanying “Here’s Your Perfect.” This understanding was, as he put it, “most challenging but amazing journeys I’ve worked through,” but with such knowledge, only light and love will follow.

Many have followed Jamie since he first burst out on the scene in the late 2010s. Since relocating to Los Angles, his star continues to shine. 2020 saw Jamie release a handful of songs, including “City That Never Sleeps” (which you can see at the start of the “Here’s Your Perfect” video), as well as “Onto Something” and a cover of “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” The start of 2021 saw “Hold You ‘Till We’re Old,” but thankfully, fans won’t have to wait that long for the next bit of audio dynamite from this dynamic talent.

“Here’s Your Perfect” is out now.

Sourse: hollywoodlife.com

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