Is Jon Bon Jovi Retiring? Everything He’s Said About Vocal Issues

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Jon Bon Jovi is one of the most iconic lead singers in the history of rock. His band Bon Jovi has had countless hits and classic songs that are still loved by fans of all ages to this day, like “Living on a Prayer” and “Wanted Dead or Alive.” Unfortunately, Jon has had a few issues with his vocal cords in recent years, and he’s announced that he won’t go on tour unless his singing ability is up to par.

With recent comments made about his vocal cords at a live event, fans are wondering what it means for the future of Bon Jovi, and the legendary rocker. Here are all the details about the singer possibly calling it a day here.

Has Jon Bon Jovi Performed in Recent Years?

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Bon Jovi took the stage on February 2, 2024, as Jon was honored at the MusiCares Person of the Year ceremony. They debuted their new song “Legendary” and played the classic “Livin’ On a Prayer.” He also performed alongside fellow New Jersey legend Bruce Springsteen to play the Bon Jovi classic “Who Says You Can’t Go Home” and The Boss’ “The Promised Land,” per 

Bon Jovi also went on a huge tour in 2022, and Jon made a guest appearance when Paul McCartney performed in his home state of New Jersey in June 2022.

His New Album

Bon Jovi released their 15th album in 2020, fittingly sharing the name with the year it was released. Jon did tease that they have a new release coming soon. “The new record’s done,” Jon said at a Pollstar Q&A, per Consequence. “We have a brand new record that I’m very excited about, and the hope is that I get to go out and celebrate it this time, because I’m so excited by it.”

He didn’t share any details about when it will be released.

Is Jon Bon Jovi Retiring?

Reviews from Bon Jovi’s 2022 tour noted Jon struggling vocal cord issues, and he got candid about them in the Pollstar appearance. “I’ve had it become public knowledge now, but I’ve had major reconstructive surgery in my vocal cords, and I never had anything like this ever,” he said. “It was very difficult this last decade to have to contend with something that was out of my control, which was … the strong [vocal cord] was literally taking what was left of the weak one.”

Jon said that he was currently working so that he would be able to keep on performing. “So now I just wanna get back to two and a half hours a night, four nights a week, before I’m gonna go out there on the road again. But I’m confident in my doctor,” he said. “If I can’t be great, I’m out. And I think that the documentary that we’re about to put out addresses all of that. It’s called Thank You, Goodnight for a reason. And we’ll determine what happens there.”

While he’s definitely looking to tour, Jon did admit that he would only do it if his vocal abilities could handle it. “My health has been the first and foremost topic of discussion, but I’m well on the road to recovery there,” he said. “


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