Hannah Berner Shares Details on Special Relationship With Her Nana in a New Campaign: ‘She’s 82 and Got Her First Brand Deal’

Image Credit: Skrewball Whiskey

Comedian and podcast host Hannah Berner has a special bond with her Nana, Vera DiLeo. The iconic pair recently did their first campaign together in celebration of the holiday season with Skrewball Whiskey (the original peanut butter whiskey), who has launched the Skrewball Sleigh the Holidays Kit to ensure you have a grand time with your family and friends during this fun time of year. HollywoodLife exclusively spoke to Hannah about her unique relationship with her Nana and their experience shooting the campaign, which you can watch here.

“I’m obsessed with my Nana, @nanastillgotit on Instagram. She’s always been a star. I consider myself her manager and this was the first campaign we got to do together but it made so much sense because every holiday, I’m always just filming me and my Nana having fun,” Hannah shared.

She explained that part of the reason why they are so close is due to how similar their personalities are. “We love being the center of attention on our family holidays, we are “main character” energies, I’ve learned it from her,” she said. “We’re drinking, we’re eating and as Italians, that’s how we love to celebrate anything — with food and drink. So Screwball was the perfect brand, and they wanted it to be funny and cute. And we just had so much fun on set together making the campaign.”

Courtesy of Skrewball Whiskey

The video campaign has plenty of humorous elements and banter — which is a common theme in their relationship. Hannah continued to talk about how much this collaboration with Skrewball Whiskey meant to her and her Nana.

“[My Nana] is so beautiful and funny. It’s cool because she always wanted to be in entertainment. But when she was 18, she got married and raised a family. So it’s almost like, it’s never too late to like dream big because she’s 82 and she got her first brand partner. Just pretty amazing,” Hannah gushed.

This partnership wasn’t too far off from their usual holiday shenanigans. When Hannah was asked what her favorite tradition is with her Nana, she shared that they partake in the “Seven Fishes,” an Italian tradition. “[Nana] basically will cook every single seafood you can imagine. I call it a marathon. It’s not a sprint. And anyone who visits for the holidays is always like, ‘This is insane, how much food are we forced to eat?’ And I’m like, This is how we show love.”

Hannah continued: “Whenever I see her, she always has food. She’s just the most generous, funny, beautiful person. So the fact that I can share her with the world is really cool.”

The limited edition Skrewball Sleigh the Holidays Kit is perfect for hosting and has everything you need. It includes a shot-cuterie board, a bottle of Skrewball Whiskey, Skrewball shot glasses, Owen’s Nitro-Espresso Martini Mix, and smoked sea salt and you can purchase it here until December 31 for $47!

Sourse: hollywoodlife.com

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