‘Dr. Death’: The True Story of Paolo Macchiarini in Mandy Moore’s Peacock Series

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Peacock’s anthology series Dr. Death has made an impact on viewers, and Mandy Moore’s character tells the chilling tale of her real-life relationship and downfall with Dr. Paolo Macchiarini, played by actor Edgar Ramírez. To learn more about the second installment of the show and the cold-blooded story, keep reading. 

Who Is Paolo Macchiarini? 

Macchiarini was a thoracic surgeon who was convicted of crimes in his medical research in Italy and Sweden. The doctor was accused of experimenting on patients – some of whom were healthy — in surgery, killing them in the process by inserting synthetic trachea implants. Initially, he was lauded for using patients’ stem cells in order to create the implants. However, after discovering his manipulation and fatal practices, the doctor’s true intentions were unearthed.  

Who Is Paolo Macchiarini’s Wife? 

Macchiarini married his wife, Emanuela Pecchia, in 1986, and they share two children. In addition to their daughter and son, Macchiarini shares a child with Ana Paula Bernardes, the mother of one of his patients. Macchiarini operated on Bernardes’ son in 2010, and her son died shortly after the procedure. 


Who Is Mandy Moore’s Character Benita Alexander? 

Mandy portrays former NBC News producer Benita Alexander, who became romantically involved with Macchiarini. Alexander was researching Macchiarini’s work for NBC’s documentary A Leap of Faith, which was supposed to portray the doctor’s achievements and medicinal journey. Alexander and Macchiarini began an affair in 2013, and, according to the NBC journalist, he proposed to her. Two years later, she discovered that Macchiarini was married, and Alexander broke things off with him. 

“It’s imperative that you believe the love story, that you believe a really capable, accomplished woman of Benita’s stature would be susceptible to this kind of deception,” Mandy told E! at the December 21 premiere of the show. “And Paolo is a mastermind. Slowly but surely, through the charm offensive and manipulation, he was able to get what he wanted from [his patients and colleagues] — and I think he employed that similarly in his personal side with Benita.” 

Where Is Paolo Macchiarini Now? 

Macchiarini’s case stumped the legal system in Italy and Sweden. As of December 2023, he was scheduled to begin his 30-month prison sentence in Europe, per Reuters and Science

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The Sandman. Tom Sturridge as Dream in episode 101 of The Sandman. Cr. Liam Daniel/Netflix © 2022

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