‘Don’t Be Tardy’ Recap: Kim Zolciak Considers Leaving Atlanta & Moving To Arizona

The Biermanns may be leaving Atlanta and moving to Scottsdale, Arizona — their ‘home away from home’ — as Ariana prepares to go to ASU.

Kim Zolciak and her family got past the halfway mark on their road trip across the country, during the Nov. 24 episode of Don’t Be Tardy, which means they got that much closer to the next city they may eventually call home… forever. The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star revealed the big news in the first few minutes of this week’s episode, and we couldn’t believe what we were hearing.

After complaining about the heat and how it’d be “110 degrees” in Scottsdale, Arizona, Kim asked Brielle Biermann if she sent their real estate agent the list of houses they wanted to look at. “Yes, but let me narrow down a few,” Brielle replied before Kim explained their reason for wanting to move.

Kim Zolciak (Derek Blanks/Bravo)

“Scottsdale has been like our ‘home away from home’ per se, and we’re considering moving to Scottsdale. Especially if Ariana goes to [Arizona State University]. Our hairdresser is [in Scottsdale]. And we love it in Scottsdale,” Kim said.

Then, the family headed to some caves, and talk of their move took a backseat (no pun intended). However, in January, a source close to Kim told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that she was definitely moving to Arizona and “ready for a change”.

“The Biermann family plans on moving over the summer or in the late spring to Arizona,” a source close to the family told us at the time. “What started out as a joke, and then a potential thought, quickly became serious. Kim is having a lot of trouble with the idea of Ariana going away to college and she feels like nothing is tying her to Atlanta anymore.”

It should be noted that production on Season 8 of Don’t Be Tardy, which is currently airing, started in June 2019, so Kim’s discussion about moving on this week’s episode happened over a year ago. Our source confirmed the move was happening a few months later, in January 2020. And next week, we’ll get to see the houses they were looking to purchase!

But… in May 2020, Andy Cohen asked Kim about her family’s move to Arizona and it doesn’t seem like it has happened yet due to the pandemic. “[Ariana]’s enrolled in ASU right now, but we may pull her from that, she might go to Georgia [State University] just to figure out kind of this whole corona — why am I gonna pay 50,000 dollars for her to just do it, you know, on the computer in Arizona? It doesn’t make sense.” Kim said. “We’re, like, up in the air. I think a lot of people are up in the air.”

Want more drama? New episodes of Don’t Be Tardy air Tuesdays at 10pm on Bravo.

Sourse: hollywoodlife.com

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