Daisy Kent: 5 Things to Know About ‘The Bachelor’ Star Looking For Love

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Joey Graziadei’s journey to find love again begins with The Bachelor season 28 premiere on January 22. Joey will be introduced to more than 30 women, introducing Daisy Kent. The 25-year-old makes a memorable impression when she shows up at the Bachelor Mansion driving a red truck that’s carrying a Christmas tree.

So, who is Daisy Kent? She’s accomplished so much at a young age. Daisy has been vocal about her hearing loss and has become an advocate for others. Get to know this accomplished woman looking to capture Joey’s heart.

Daisy Has Suffers From Hearing Loss

“I started losing my hearing when I was 17 years old,” Daisy revealed in a preview video. “It was all because I had Lyme disease. I’ve learned how to turn something really difficult into something really positive.” In an August 2023 interview, Daisy told CBS8 that her hearing loss “started as a lot of high-pitched ringing and then just progressively got worse, and I couldn’t understand speech very well.” 

Daisy Kent with Joey Graziadei on ‘The Bachelor.’ (ABC)

When she was 17, doctors diagnosed her with Meniere’s disease, a disorder in the inner ear. A few years later when she was 21, Daisy found out she also had Lyme disease, which likely caused her Meniere’s disease. Daisy now wears a cochlear implant.

Daisy Wrote a Book

Daisy published her first children’s book, Daisy Doo: All The Sounds She Knew, in August 2023. The book chronicles a “journey through a child’s perseverance in the face of hearing loss.” In an Instagram video, Daisy revealed that she wrote the book because she “wanted to show how important it is to embrace something that makes you unique.”

Daisy Is From Minnesota

Daisy is originally from Becker, Minnesota. She is currently an account executive and social media influencer living in San Diego.

Daisy Kent is one of ‘The Bachelor’ season 28 contestants. (ABC)

Daisy Has Started Her Own Non-Profit

Daisy founded the non-profit organization Hear Your Heart. The organization “raises money to fund research for hearing loss and offer financial assistance to those who are equipped with hearing devices. We make helping others hear and be heard our #1 priority,” according to the official website.

Daisy Has Gone Viral on TikTok

Daisy has over 43,000 followers on TikTok. Several of her TikTok videos have gone viral. Two of Daisy’s videos focused on her hearing loss journey have over 12 million views. One of these videos includes the first time Daisy used a cochlear implant.

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