Chase Stokes Pleads With Fans to Not Share ‘Outer Banks’ Season 4 Spoilers: Don’t ‘Ruin the Experience’

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It’s time to head back to the world of Pogues and Kooks. Outer Banks is gearing up to film the highly-anticipated fourth season, and Chase Stokes wants to keep the viewing experience for all fans spoiler-free.

“We are about to embark on our journey and I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this, but please for the love of God don’t post spoilers,” Chase, 31, told his followers in an Instagram Story video. “I love the fact that everybody likes to show up and take pictures and videos, but if you feel like it’s something you probably shouldn’t post, don’t do it.”

The actor, who has been the ultimate supportive boyfriend to Kelsea Ballerini over the last few months, went on to say that the cast “loves” their fans, but they all want to keep the major plot points under wraps until they air. “We really appreciate you showing up and continuing to love the show like it’s your own, but let’s just try our best this year to not post things that reveal plot and ruin the experience for others around the world,” he said.

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During previous seasons, fans would follow the cast around Charleston and Barbados as they filmed certain scenes. Video footage that went viral on social media spoiled some of the show’s plot points.

Outer Banks was renewed for season 4 before season 3 dropped in February 2023. Filming was expected to get underway this past summer, but the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes put production on hold. After several months, the cast and crew are back in Charleston, South Carolina, to film the new season.

Chase confirmed he was back on set when he posted photos with John B’s surfboard and van. “Alright wake up john b let’s go ole pal,” he captioned recent Instagram photos. His co-star Austin North, a.k.a. Topper, commented, “I’m coming for u pal.”

Outer Banks will be embracing a reset in season 4 after the 18-month time jump at the end of season 3. Co-creator Josh Pate felt it was necessary to “migrate” the kids out of high school for season 4 and beyond. “We think about the first three [seasons] as a trilogy and then we’re starting over on [another sort of] trilogy now,” he told Netflix. “We just needed to clear the decks. We’re going to have new villains, a new treasure hunt, a new life situation.”


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