Charlie Gillespie: 5 Things To Know About The Dreamy Breakout Star Of ‘Julie & The Phantoms’

Charlie Gillespie, along with the rest of his co-stars, will melt your heart as you watch Netflix’s new series ‘Julie and the Phantoms.’ Charlie is incredibly talented a star on the rise you need to watch.

Julie and the Phantoms is the next Netflix series totally worthy of binging. Charlie Gillespie stars alongside Owen Patrick Joyner and Jeremy Shada as three ghosts from 1995 who cross paths with a teenager named Julie (Madison Reyes) in 2020. As the season goes, Julie and the boys form the band Julie and the Phantoms. Charlie is a standout performer in the Netflix series and an actor to keep your eye on. HollywoodLife has rounded up 5 key things to know about him.

1. Charlie stars as Luke in Julie and the Phantoms. Luke is one of the talented members of Sunset Curve. Luke and two of his bandmates die in 1995 and end up in 2020. He becomes a lead vocalist and guitarist when he, Alex, Reggie, and Julie form their band.

Charlie Gillespie is one of the stars of ‘Julie and the Phantoms.’ (Netflix)

2. Yes, he can definitely sing and rock out! Charlie has an incredible voice just like his co-stars. One of his standout songs is “Unsaid Emily” in the first season. In addition to singing, Charlie can play the guitar exceptionally well. Basically, you need to listen to the soundtrack immediately.

3. He also appeared in the Charmed reboot. Charlie played Brian, Maggie Vera’s high school ex-boyfriend, when the reboot premiered on The CW in 2018.

Charlie Gillespie and Madison Reyes play Luke and Julie. (Netflix)

4. He went all-out for the role of Luke. To get more in tune with the character, Charlie told HollywoodLife that he rented an acoustic guitar to “get closer to him. Because of that, I started doing these little open mics all around Los Angeles. There are so many different little places that you can go to, and it really introduced me to this open mic world, which is where Luke would have been back in the 90s.”

5. He loves the outdoors. Charlie is always posting photos on his Instagram page of his outdoor adventures. From backflipping off a bridge to hiking in Canada, Charlie is always up for discovering something new.


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