Calah Lane: 5 Things to Know About the ‘Wonka’ Breakout Star

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2023’s Wonka wouldn’t be a hit without the incredible performance of Calah Lane! The young actress portrays Noodle, Willy Wonka’s young assistant. Thanks to her musical talent and on-screen charm, Calah’s performance is being lauded by fans and critics alike. To learn more about the rising star, keep reading. 

Where Is Calah From? 

Calah was born in Houston, Texas, and started acting as young as the age of 4 years old. According to her IMDb page, Calah booked her first lead role at the Dallas Summer Musical Theatre, which is now known as Broadway Dallas. She then landed a principal commercial role for an AT&T ad when she was just 5 years old. The ad played at the Dallas Cowboys’ AT&T stadium in front of millions of spectators. 

Calah’s Family Is Also in Entertainment

The Texas native’s sister, Rose Lane, and brother, Mark Lane III, are also actors. The three siblings all booked commercial and film roles when they were young. 

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Calah Starred in Several Short Films and TV Shows

Throughout her childhood and teen years, Calah appeared in a variety of short films, from Please to Bad Things and Junebug. Per her IMDb profile, Calah won the award for Best Actress in a Short Film at the Warner Bros. Young Entertainer Awards in Burbank, California, for her performance in Bad Things. 

In 2018, Calah appeared in three episodes of the series Kidding, followed by an episode of This Is Us, in which she portrayed Laurel in 2021. 

Calah Is Also a Singer

According to her Instagram page, Calah shares videos of herself belting out different tunes. Based on her social media content, it’s clear that her vocal lessons and practice are leading up to a formidable future in both music and acting. 

Who Does Calah Play in ‘Wonka’? 

Calah portrays the main role of Noodle opposite her Wonka co-star, Timothée Chalamet. Noodle is a young orphan who eventually became Wonka’s assistant. Throughout the film, she provides helpful advice to the aspiring chocolatier, and she accompanies him on his quest to pay off his debts and open his own store. 

Timothée has the utmost respect for his co-star and her “protective” family, he noted during an interview with PEOPLE at one of Wonka’s international premieres. With regard to Calah’s performance, the Don’t Look Up actor said, “She crushed it. I’m hugely proud of her.” 

“That’s a big thing to take on at 12 years old,” he added. “She’s got a wonderful family, and her mother is exactly the kind of parent you want to see in show business. … She kills it. I can’t wait to see what she does with her career and her life and future projects.”


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