Blake Griffin Announces Retirement From the NBA After 14 Years: ‘I’m Thankful for Every Single Moment’

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Blake Griffin is stepping down from the NBA. After playing the game for 14 years, the 35-year-old athlete penned a lengthy social media note, announcing his retirement from the league. Blake began his statement by pointing out that he “never envisioned [himself] as the guy who would have a ‘letter to basketball’ retirement announcement.”

“But as I reflected on my career, the one feeling I kept coming back to and the one thing wanted to express was thankfulness,” Blake continued. “I’m thankful for every single moment — not just the good ones: the wins, the awards, the dunks and the memorable times spent with family, friends, fans, teammates and coaches. I could continue on about the people in my life who have contributed immensely to my career, but in this short non-letter, I have to acknowledge my parents, Tommy and Gail, and my brother, Taylor, for their unconditional support and guidance. Lastly, my agent Sam Goldfeder, who has been a steadfast voice of reason and my wartime consigliere — thank you.”

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Blake also recalled the “not-so-good moments” in his basketball career, noting that he is “equally thankful” for both the good and bad times such as “the losses, the injuries, the way too many surgeries, the lessons, the heartbreaks.”

The now-former power forward then mentioned that his statement “wouldn’t be sports retirement letter without acknowledging the ‘haters.’” However, he didn’t pinpoint who exactly he was talking about.

“All of these experiences made my 14 years in the league truly unforgettable, and I can’t help but to just feel thankful,” Blake concluded. “The game of basketball has given me so much in this life, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Last but certainly not least, here comes the obligatory ‘I’m excited for my next chapter’ part: just kidding, I’m done.”

The Oklahoma native began his NBA career in 2009 when he was drafted by the Los Angeles Clippers in the first round. He played for the team until 2018 when he went on to join the Detroit Pistons. In 2021, Blake played for the Brooklyn Nets, followed by the Brooklyn Celtics in 2022.

Blake is a father of two kids, son Ford Wilson and daughter Finley Elaine, with his ex Brynn Cameron. The former couple were embroiled in a legal battle after Brynn accused Blake in 2018 of abandoning her and their children to date his now-ex Kendall Jenner. Blake and Brynn settled the lawsuit the following year.


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