American-Israeli Rapper Kosha Dillz Reaches Over 20 Million Views in Viral TikToks During Rallies

Image Credit: Courtesy of Kosha Dillz/Instagram

It has been almost two months since October 7, when the terrorist organization Hamas attacked Israel, killing approximately 1,200 Israelis and abducting more than 240 people — including women, children, and the elderly. This has been a challenging time for the Jewish people not only in Israel but all around the world. Kosha Dillz is an Israeli-American rapper whose goal is to educate and bring happiness to the world in light of antisemitism. He spoke exclusively to Hollywood Life about his experiences since the attack and how his TikTok and Instagram street interviews have gone viral.

Since October 7, Kosha Dillz has not only been rapping but also interviewing people at rallies involving topics about the Israel-Palestine conflict. He attended the Columbia University, NYU, and D.C. Pro-Palestine rallies that are demanding a ceasefire in Gaza and interviewed people on their knowledge and opinions about the topic. One video received over 5 million views, which you can watch here, along with several others hitting over 1 million views, adding up to over 20 million views. When we asked him if he was expecting the videos to get as big as they did, he responded, “No … I didn’t think this was what people really wanted. I never thought that just asking people questions on the street would really be such a strong thing.”

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His virality has even led him to interview some celebrities on the topic, specifically Scooter Braun and Michael Rappaport. “These videos have reached so many different types of people, so [Scooter] was someone who reached out and checked out the videos,” he shared about his experience with Scooter. “I got to link up with him in D.C. to make a video, which was a really cool experience.”

Antisemitism in the United States has been on the rise, especially since the Hamas attack. “In my experience so far, my biggest shock is that there’s just people walking around with Swastikas … to me, that’s like, man, this is really difficult to consistently see,” Kosha shared about his own experiences with antisemitism. Kosha recently released a song called “Bring the Family Home,” following the Hamas kidnappings, where many Israelis are still being held in Gaza in captivity. “I know people who are personally affected,” Kosha explained. “I have friends, and I’ve had families reach out to me saying, ‘Thank you so much for being a voice.’”


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