‘AGT’s Alan Silva Reveals Why He Won’t Be Doing Any More Death Drops Over Spikes: ‘I Was Worried’

Don’t expect ‘AGT’ aerialist Alan Silva to do another death drop over spikes. He spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HL about why he won’t take that risk again but vowed to ‘top the spikes!’

America’s Got Talent fan fave Alan Silva ended his quarterfinals performance with a jaw-dropping death drop over spikes. Before he performed, Alan revealed that he broke his neck the last time he tried this stunt. He was successful this last time and didn’t suffer any injuries, but Alan told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that he won’t be trying that stunt again in the future any time soon — not even in the semi-finals.

“I won’t be doing more spikes soon because my family didn’t like that!” Alan told HollywoodLife. “And they were worried, and I was worried. Especially with it being so humid, and to slip and fall on top of it…”

Alan Silva during his ‘AGT’ quarterfinals performance. (NBC)

Alan teased that he plans to do “something different” for his next act. He even said that he probably won’t have silks in his next performance. But he made sure to note: “I am going to top the spikes definitely!”

The AGT contestant opened up about why he decided to talk about the scary injury that could have been a career-ender for him. “I was open to talk about my injury because I know that people also go through other problems in there life, and sometimes that would stop them from moving forward for pursuing their dreams or do what they really love and what they want to do,” Alan said. “It can be an injury, it can be because they have been made fun of, or it can be any different situation, but the whole point for me is to inspire people and to show them that you can push through your fears, you can push through problems, and you can actually conquer the fear. So that is why I decided to talk about my injury, to show people I can move forward and past whatever barrier anyone is blocked by to move forward themselves.”

Alan Silva is a talented aerialist. (NBC)

Alan hasn’t seen Simon Cowell since his audition. Simon broke his back while riding an electric bike in Aug. 2020. He’s been recovering at home and has not been on AGT for the quarterfinals. Simon was one of Alan’s biggest cheerleaders after his audition, and Alan admitted that the show is not the same without Simon.

“I miss Simon for sure being on the panel,” Alan told HollywoodLife. “He has so much knowledge, and he has seen so many things in his career, especially on AGT and BGT. He actually knows that we are some of the top people to see, so for sure I miss him on the panel. But if anything I hope for his recovery. He is going through an injury himself that I talked about, and I am just glad he is recovering and that he is OK.” America’s Got Talent season 15 airs Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.

Sourse: hollywoodlife.com

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