‘AGT’ Recap: Sofia Vergara Calls Out Howie Mandel For Being ‘Negative’ During Quarterfinals

Sofia Vergara and Howie Mandel didn’t see eye-to-eye on a few acts during the Sept. 1 episode of ‘America’s Got Talent.’ While they didn’t agree about some acts, they both loved the powerful final performance of the night.

The last round of the America’s Got Talent quarterfinals will feature the final 11 acts. In the results show, only 5 acts will move forward. The first act of the night is the CA Wildcats. The cheer team performs from Texas and shows off their amazing tumbling and stunts. They’re perfectly in sync and perform the routine with masks on. Heidi Klum calls the performance “explosive,” while Howie Mandel wonders if this performance was better than the last time. Sofia Vergara disagrees and says the Wildcats without a doubt did a better job than the last time.

Next up is singer Kenadi Dodds. She performs a gorgeous original song called “Dancing Through the Stars.” She sings and plays the piano in a field of flowers. It feels very Taylor Swift. Howie calls her an “amazing talent,” but he admits “that song didn’t do it for me personally.” Heidi and Sofia strongly disagree with Howie, and Sofia even says Howie is being “very negative today!” She thinks Kenadi was “spectacular.” Hey, they’re allowed to disagree!

Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum disagree with Howie Mandel. (NBC)

Lightwave Theater Company takes the stage again for another puppet performance. Howie presses his red buzzer in the middle of the act, and Sofia even gets up out of her seat. Howie says he found the performance “very depressing” and didn’t understand the message of the performance. Heidi explains that the message is to do something nice for your neighbor during a difficult time. Sofia calls the performance a “beautiful story” but believes they were better the first time.

Singing trio Resound wows the judges with their powerful performance of “Fall On Me” by A Great Big World. Howie thinks the performance was “beautiful” but goes off about how these acts need to elevate the game. Sofia thinks Resound was “fantastic” and adds, “I don’t have anything bad to say.”

The Diva and Drummers of Compton perform from a football field, and they take things to a whole new level. The group brings so much energy and heart. Heidi loved the choreography and says the group was “absolutely incredible.” She also brings up the team’s leader, Kelly, and her powerful speech and her baby bump. Howie didn’t even know Kelly was pregnant! He calls The Diva and Drummers of Compton his “favorite act of the night,” and Sofia actually agrees with him on this one.

Celina performs during the ‘AGT’ quarterfinals. (NBC)

Celina opens up about how AGT has given her the confidence and hope to be who she wants to be after being bullied. She performs a stunning rendition of London Grammar’s “Strong.” Sofia declares the performance “flawless” and “the highlight of the night.” If she could give a Golden Buzzer right now, she’d give it to Celina.

Dancer Noah Epps wows with his creative performance. In addition to his amazing moves, he has some really nice visuals incorporated into his performance. Heidi calls Noah the “new Maddie Ziegler.” Sofia loves that Noah has a “strong sense” of who he wants to be. “I think you’re going to be huge,” she says.

The ultimate roaster Alex Hooper returns to AGT with a “bedtime story” that he’s called As the World Burns. He roasts all the judges and host Terry Crews! His digs are brutal, too. He jokes about Heidi’s marriages and says she could have “more rings than Tom Brady if you learn how to cheat.” He also jokes about Sofia’s makeup looking like a “drunk drag queen.” He also brings up Simon Cowell’s electric bike accident and brings up Simon’s son, Eric. “When he graduates you’ll be front row in a beautiful urn,” Alex says. He ends his act by saying “we only roast the ones we love.” Howie thinks Alex is “brilliant.” While Sofia admits Alex is funny, she thinks he’s mean and pushes her red buzzer.

Alex Hooper roasts the judges during his act. (NBC)

Broken Roots are getting a second chance after being eliminated before the live shows. They sing a solid rendition of U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.” Sofia believes they are “meant to be here.” Howie thinks they “rose to the occasion” but wonders if they’re more than just coffeehouse music. The Bello Sisters perform from Germany and continue to make our jaws drop with their flexibility and strength. Sofia says they have a good shot of making it to Vegas. Howie praises their strength and fully believes they’re going to have a successful career. 

The final performance of the night is Howie’s Golden Buzzer act, poet Brandon Leake. During his powerful performance, he takes the audience through what it means to be a mother to a Black son. He talks about George Floyd, Jacob Blake, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor. It’s an unforgettable performance. All three judges give him a standing ovation. Heidi says Brandon is her “favorite act of the night.” Howie declares Brandon went “above and beyond anything I’ve seen.” He says this is a “conversation America needs to have” right now.

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