5 Shows to Watch on Hulu While You Wait for Netflix to Release ‘Bridgerton’ Season 3

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Recently, Netflix announced that the next season of Bridgerton won’t begin streaming until May 16, 2024. While you wait for the next season of Regency-era costumes, romance, gossip, and drama, Hulu has a lineup of series to keep you entertained. Here are five shows to watch in the meantime.


If you love the outfits worn by the characters living in the ‘Ton, you’ll be drooling over the costumes in Harlots. Like Bridgerton, the series is a period drama, with Harlots taking place slightly earlier, in 1760s London. The series revolves around Margaret Wells, a brothel owner and mother to two daughters, working to improve the life she’s built for her family. Unfortunately, a move to a more posh side of town puts Margaret in the line of fire of a rival madame, Lydia Quigley, and opens the door to more obstacles and drama.

There are three seasons of Harlots streaming on Hulu.

‘The Great’

If cheeky humor is your vibe and historical accuracy isn’t a priority, check out the Emmy Award-winning series The Great. The show stars Elle Fanning as Catherine the Great who finds herself in a miserable arranged marriage to Emperor Peter. While The Great describes itself as “an occasionally true story” and has even been described by Hulu as “anti-historical,” it is incredibly entertaining. Watch for the comedy, the costumes, the characters, and some attempted murder.

There are three seasons of The Great streaming on Hulu.

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As we all know, Shonda Rimes is the queen of the dramatic storyline. Before taking on Bridgerton, Rimes had us entirely too invested in the lives of the medical interns of Grey’s Anatomy and the students of Annalise Keating’s class in How to Get Away with Murder. But for this list, we chose the iconic series Scandal. In the series, crisis management professional Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant III give us the type of tense, dramatic, romantic scenes we loved in Bridgerton, with the addition of spies, assassins, and some wild love triangles.

There are seven seasons of Scandal streaming on Hulu.

‘The Tudors’

Speaking of Scandal, let’s talk about The Tudors. If you loved lusting over problematic men in Bridgerton, let me introduce you to the television version of King Henry VIII, who definitely does not physically resemble the real-life version of King Henry VIII. Alongside Jonathan Rhys Meyers as the King, we also have Henry Cavill as Charles Brandon, the Duke of Suffolk. Come for the steamy scenes with hunky men, stay for the scandalous story of Anne Boleyn and the unhinged things people will do for power.

There are four seasons of The Tudors streaming on Hulu, with the Showtime add-on.


You want a steamy, historical drama? We’ve got your steamy, historical drama. Outlander is a time-traveling historical romance that follows the main character, Claire, as she travels back to 1700s Scotland and straight to Highlander, Jamie Fraser. Like Bridgerton, Outlander is based on a novel series – Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. Prepare to swoon over the accents and cheer for Claire and Jamie to make the ultimate long-distance relationship work.

There are seven seasons of Outlander streaming on Hulu with the Starz add-on.

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