5 Shows to Watch on Hulu if You Love ‘The Kardashians’

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No family offers up quite as much drama as the Kardashians. They’re what reality TV dreams are made of. But, if you’ve already kept up with the Calabasas family through all 20 seasons of their first show and the four seasons of The Kardashians, currently streaming on Hulu, there’s plenty more reality TV where that came from. Here are five shows to watch next, all streaming on Hulu. 

‘Total Bellas’

While no one can top Kim, Kourt, and Khloé, the Bella twins, who now go by Nikki and Brie Garcia, give the reality queens a run for their money. When the series begins, the twins are WWE Divas, in relationships with WWE champions John Cena and Daniel Bryan. The four are the stars of the show, which focuses on both the personal and professional lives of the twins and their significant others. Sound familiar? If you find yourself suddenly interested in the WWE after watching, you can also stream Total Divas on Hulu to see more of the Bellas and their coworkers in action.

Watch 6 seasons on Hulu 

‘The D’Amelio Show’

Charli and Dixie D’Amelio are the next generation of reality stars, who found their audience on social media. The sisters then made the jump to TV with a reality show about their family on Hulu. The series shows what life is like for the sisters and their parents after their sudden rise to fame and a cross-country move to Hollywood. Like the Kardashians, you’ll see the D’Amelio sisters deal with online hate, test the waters of acting and building businesses to build on their fame and navigate the drama of relationships.

Watch 3 seasons on Hulu


‘American Horror Story’

Speaking of testing the waters of acting, let’s talk about American Horror Story. If you’re a fan of the Kardashians, you probably already know that Kim signed on for a part in the Ryan Murphy horror anthology. In season 12, Delicate, Kim plays Siobhan Corbyn, a PR agent dedicated to growing young actress Anna’s career. Part one is now streaming and part two is coming in 2024.

Watch 12 seasons on Hulu


This might actually be the opposite of the Kardashians. We’re moving from the West Coast to Boston. We’re focusing on a family of brothers instead of sisters. And we’re talking burgers instead of Balenciaga. But for fans of reality TV who love getting an inside look at the day-to-day lives of famous families, Wahlburgers deserves a watch. Wahlburgers shows a behind-the-scenes look at Paul Wahlberg’s journey toward building a chain of burger restaurants, alongside his famous brothers Mark and Donnie, and the rest of the family.

Watch 1 season on Hulu

‘Bad Girls Club’

If you’ve ever watched the Kardashians and thought to yourself, “This show is great, but it could use more violence and curse words,” have we got a show for you. Bad Girls Club follows seven women in their 20s, living together in one house for three months. They all have a reputation for bad behavior from lying to cheating to backstabbing friends to get ahead. As you can imagine, drama ensues and it makes for great reality TV. 

Watch 4 seasons on Hulu

Watch these shows and more reality TV including cooking game shows like Next Level Chef, competitions like Survivor and Big Brother, and dating shows like The Bachelor, all on Hulu.

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