What Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ Marriage Is Like and Fourth Baby Plans

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have made a point to keep details about their relationship and the lives of their three daughters, James, Inez, and Betty, as out of the limelight as possible. But Us Weekly got a very rare dispatch from a source about what things are like in the Reynolds-Lively household as they enter eight-plus years of marriage.

The couple is going strong, though there have been bumps in the past. “Blake and Ryan have had their ups and downs like any couple, but overall, they’re very solid and more committed to their marriage than ever before,” a source told the outlet.

“They enjoy being parents more than anything,” the source added, saying that they may be open to having a fourth child someday. (Their youngest daughter, Betty, is just over one year old.)

“As much as Ryan loves being a dad to three girls, I’m sure he’d love to have a little boy to add to the mix,” the source said. “They’ve got their hands full [with three kids], however Blake lives for being a mom, and it wouldn’t surprise anyone if she wanted to try for one more.”

Generally, though, Lively and Reynolds are happy. But don’t expect them to suddenly become more public about their lives: “Blake and Ryan are two extremely proud and private people, and keeping their relationship low-key and off radar is what’s worked so well for them over the years,” Us’s source said. “Away from the cameras, people may find it surprising to hear they’re just a regular couple who love to hang out and do the normal things together without making a song and dance about it all.”

Another random but highly specific detail Us got from its source? The couple watch the silent movie The Snowman practically every night to get their daughters to go to bed.

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