Selena Gomez flirts with having bangs pretty regularly, but the singer really found an excellent style for the end of her press day in New York City. Allow Gomez to sell you on curtain bangs, which look amazing on her. Gomez posted a video of her bopping around in them on her Instagram Story while she was en route to Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show. The singer will be doing an interview there to promote her new album, Rare.

Selena Gomez jamming to her new single, ‘Rare’ 💗

— Famous Candids (@FamousCandids) January 13, 2020

Cutest @selenagomez 💜

— Selena Gomez Source (@GomezSource) January 13, 2020

It comes after Gomez started her day at Live With Kelly and Ryan. She wore three looks before 11 A.M., including a white dress on camera and an orange suit as she left. Gomez had no bangs then: her hair was just slicked back in a neat bun.

Gomez spoke to Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest about how hard it is to go incognito as an A-list celeb. She tried in Paris and failed. “You know, the thing for me is that I don’t draw a lot of attention to myself so most of the time, it’s more like people are like, ‘I think that’s her?’” she started. “And then they kind of ignore it. So I like that I am able to keep low profile vibes but I did try to go incognito [in Paris] and yeah, it didn’t work. But I had a beret and then I had a jacket and then I had a scarf covering [my mouth].” Her friend shared a photo of Gomez’s disguise during Gomez’s Paris trip last month and yes, Gomez had longer bangs then.


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