The Know Beauty routine starts with a DNA test.

Know Beauty

If it’s news to you that Vanessa Hudgens and Madison Beer are even friends, we’ve got another piece of news: They’re also business partners and beauty entrepreneurs. Today, the two are launching Know Beauty, a skincare line rooted in DNA personalization.

“We both have had such a long skincare journey. We were like, ‘There should be an easier way to approach skincare, something that allows you to know what is right for your personal skin, because it’s different for everyone,'” Hudgens tells Beer and Hudgens first met seven or eight years ago through Hudgens’s little sister and have bonded over skincare in recent years.

The duo brought in dermatologist Karen Kagha to be the brand’s chief medical officer, a role that is particularly important given that the first step to the Know Beauty routine isn’t a cleanser but a cheek swab.

Know Beauty

Know Beauty

“Every day, I am seeing people coming in wanting to know about what they can do for their skin today and for their skin in the future, and that’s where the DNA comes in,” Kagha says. “We’re looking at 46 chromosomes and specifically analyzing seven skin categories. Their results give them information on what their skin is more prone to develop and areas they need to be focusing on in the future.”

Skin DNA Kit

Know Beauty


After sending back your cheek swab DNA kit ($95), you can complete a one-minute skin diagnostic quiz that takes into account lifestyle and other factors that can impact skin’s health. “Our goal is to pair those two tools to really educate people on their skincare journey,” the dermatologist says.

The curated routine of Know products includes cleansers, moisturizers, serums, eye creams, masks, and other treatments that all cost between $20 and $30. The products are Leaping Bunny certified and cruelty free, and contain proven skincare powerhouses like retinoids, AHAs, BHAs, peptides, and more. Housed in simple, no-nonsense packaging, these are serious products for people overwhelmed by the current state of skincare mania.


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