Trade shows: The 10 brands you had to see at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna

Trade shows: The 10 brands you had to see at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna

Once again, Cosmoprof Bologna delivered an impressive performance, totalling 3,012 exhibitors from 69 countries (+4% compared to 2023) and 248,500 visitors. The 55th edition of the world’s most important beauty trade show was almost back to its pre-pandemic figures (3,033 exhibitors from 70 countries and 265,000 visitors in 2019). The number of international attendees grew 9% compared to last year’s show. Premium Beauty News has spotted ten of interesting emerging beauty brands from all those that showcased their innovations at this year’s event.

Italian brand Breala & Gest was probably among the most innovative at Cosmoprof 2024. The natural beauty range launched in February 2024 and includes eight face care products made in Italy and formulated with upcycled cotton seed oil from production waste from the Italian shirt brand Gest, which began cultivating organic cotton in its home region in Puglia in 2020.

Operating in the mass market channel, Spain’s Byphasse unveiled its new Super Protect City Anti-Age face cream on the occasion of Cosmoprof 2024. This new urban anti-pollution SPF day cream is a great example of cosmetic products adapting to the realities of a changing global climate. In many European face care brands, day creams traditionally include lower SPFs, such as SPF10 or SPF15. The Byphasse Super Protect City cream is aimed at urban consumers and has been formulated with SPF50, reflecting the new awareness that increasing temperatures and more severe UV radiation imply an upgraded skin protection.

For its part, South Korean bath care brand Sennok launched in 2023 with an interesting concept: A playful interpretation of traditional Korean bath house rituals. The 14-sku range offers spa-at-home oriented beauty products. Sennok’s line-up includes body washes, lotions and oils but also a moisturising hair oil, an anti-stress balm and a body guasha massage tool. Several body care products are scented with the After Bath fragrance (a floral and wood citrus) which also available as a perfume. Designed to help prolong the relaxing benefits of the bath-time ritual, the perfume is applied as the last treatment step.

UK male grooming and makeup brand Shakeup Cosmetics has become very successful since it was first launched in late 2019. The company is a returning Cosmoprof Bologna exhibitor and at this year’s trade show, they presented their new Age-Def-Eye Cream that promises an instant lifting and anti-wrinkles effect thanks to an optical wrinkle blurring complex and invigorating caffeine. In addition, consumers can expect long-term anti-ageing benefits thanks to a formula containing peptides, and moisturising squalane and shea butter.

For the launch of its latest face care range, French organic beauty brand So Bio Étic focused on the skin-brightening and illuminating trend. The four products in the Lumi Lys C range contain white lily extract, MelaninCorrect complex and vitamin C to gently brighten dark pigmentation. The line-up includes a serum, a day cream, and overnight brightening cream and a BB cream.

Italian makeup brand Blondesister received one of the coveted Cosmoprof Awards for its new conditioning and growth-enhancing 2-in1 Eyes First Brow & Lash Serum which features a roll-on applicator that massages the lashes during application. The indie brand launched in 2020 and one of the most interesting products in the range is the best-selling 4-in-1 Click & Turn Mascara – the applicator brush can be twisted into four different shapes (allowing consumers to create four different lash looks) by simply twisting the handle.

Also from Italy, Fit.FE by Fede is a strikingly packaged outdoorsy/sportive beauty care brand which was launched in September 2023. Created in collaboration with Italian athlete Federica Pellegrini, the Fit.FE by Fede range is divided into a face and (pink) and body (turquoise) range. Products are functional and non-fussy, focusing on hydration, protection and anti-oxidant benefits.

Korean indie brand Deardot comes from Jeju island. The key botanical in its vegan products is an endangered local plant, the vitamin-rich citrus-pomelo hybrid dangjuya. By turning the dangjuya into a cosmetic active, the newcomer brand (Deardot was launched in October 2022) is helping to prevent the plant from growing extinct. Deardot’s most recent launch are face and body cleansing sheets which are completely soluble; even the sachets dissolve when immersed in water.

Vitamin gummy brand Reset from Spain was launched in 2020. Gummies are one of the most popular format for nutritional / vitamin supplements as they appeal to a wide range of consumers, especially the younger demographics. Unlike most other vitamin gummy ranges, which tend to go for straight-forward vitamin/mineral blends, some of the variants in the Reset range combine vitamins and minerals with medicinal plant extracts: The Destress gummy variant, for example, contains ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) and chamomile; PMS contains a blend of ashwagandha, red clover (Trifolium pratense) and sage, Sleep combines melatonin with chamomile and passionflower (Passiflora incarnata). There are ten variants in the Reset gummy range.

German plastic-free bathroom brand Ben & Anna presented its latest innovation, a fully biodegradable deodorant cream container made from Poly Potato, a blend of potato starch and paper fibres. Ben & Anna started in 2017 with organic deodorant sticks based on baking soda, and was one of the first beauty brands in Germany to offer this kind of product. Over the next years, the company branched out into other product categories, especially bath and body care and oral care. There are two Poly Potato Deodorant variants: one cream is based on baking soda, the other on magnesium. Once empty, the circular deo container can simply be thrown into the green waste or home compost bin: It will disintegrate in 2-3 weeks.


Breala & Gest - Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2024 (Photo: Annemarie Kruse)

Byphasse - Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2024 (Photo: Annemarie Kruse)

Byphasse - Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2024 (Photo: Annemarie Kruse)

Sennok - Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2024 (Photo: Annemarie Kruse)

Skakeup Cosmetics - Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2024 (Photo: Annemarie Kruse)

SO Bio Etic - Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2024 (Photo: Annemarie Kruse)

Blondesister - Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2024 (Photo: Annemarie Kruse)

Fit.FE by Fede - Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2024 (Photo: Annemarie Kruse)

Deardot - Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2024 (Photo: Courtesy of Deardot)

Reset - Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2024 (Photo: Annemarie Kruse)

Reset - Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2024 (Photo: Annemarie Kruse)

Ben & Anna - Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2024 (Photo: Annemarie Kruse)


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