Towards a bank of genetic signatures for bio-resources in cosmetics

Towards a bank of genetic signatures for bio-resources in cosmetics

The founding members of the “DNA & cosmetics” consortium — Clarins, Croda Beauty Actives, DNA Gensee, Greentech, L’Oréal and Nuxe — have announced progresses in the development of a bank of genetic “ signatures” of vegetal resources (plants and algae) used in cosmetic products and fragrances.

The creation of the prototype of this database is now launched. This work is based on collaboration with botanical gardens and/or specialized conservatories, for the search of botanically authenticated plant samples and the determination of their genetic signature. This in-depth work includes the study of closely related species and the creation of appropriate tools for the absolute authentication of plant resources.

These technologies are based on genetic tools developed by the DNA Gensee laboratory, to “read” DNA barcodes on plants and algae to ensure their authentication with high reliability in order to guarantee the traceability of plant raw materials with a strong desire to increase transparency and security of the supply chain.

Simultaneously, the consortium is getting more international through the arrival of major manufacturers of cosmetic ingredients or finished products. “Joining the DNA & Cosmetics consortium reflects the same desire to guarantee the authenticity of their raw materials and their desire for transparency,” said the consortium in a statement.

More details and new announcements are expected at the in-cosmetics Global show, which will be held in Paris from April 16 to 18, 2024.


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