Tokiwa to showcase turnkey sustainable solutions at MakeUp in Los Angeles

Tokiwa to showcase turnkey sustainable solutions at MakeUp in Los Angeles

Tokiwa Cosmetics Corporation — a Japanese creator, manufacturer, and supplier of cosmetic products for eyes, lips, and face, with U.S. headquarters in East Hanover, New Jersey — is headed to MakeUp in Los Angeles, on February 14th and 15th where it company will showcase its latest innovations in turnkey sustainable solutions for clean and eco-friendly cosmetics, formulations, and componentry.

At MakeUp in LosAngeles, Tokiwa will prioritize turnkey formulations based on natural and sustainable ingredients without compromising performance. The company will also feature its wide range of refillable packaging solutions for eyes, brows, lips, and liner applications.

Tokiwa’s environmental and social responsibility includes its Tokiwa’s Clean Program. This initiative reinforces the company’s commitment to sustainability by implementing standards for cleaner and greener cosmetics’ production. The program encompasses a full 360 approach–from sourcing raw materials responsibly to implementing eco-friendly manufacturing practices including post-consumer plastics, refillable packaging, RSPO, and FSC certifications.

Refillable lipstick by Tokiwa (Photo: Tokiwa)

Refillable lipstick by Tokiwa (Photo: Tokiwa)

Our commitment to quality, coupled with our dedication to environmental responsibility and turnkey solutions, truly sets us apart,” highlighted Hiroyuki Kanai, Tokiwa’s Chief Executive Officer. “MakeUp in Los Angeles is the perfect platform to showcase our efforts alongside our turnkey sustainable solutions.


Face foundation multi-color compacts by Tokiwa (Photo: Tokiwa)

Eye pencil by Tokiwa (Photo: Tokiwa)

Refillable wooden pencils for the eyes by Tokiwa (Photo: Tokiwa)

Lip liners by Tokiwa (Photo: Tokiwa)


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