This Portable & Lightweight Hair Dryer Fits In Your Purse & Is Less Than $50

Need to dry your hair on the go? Tired of packing your bulky, full-size hair dryer? We’ve got the best portable hair dryer for you to shop here!

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Whether you’re traveling, going to the gym, or unexpectedly get caught in a rainstorm, having a lightweight, portable hair dryer really is a must! Luckily, we’ve got one of the best on the market for you that’s just under $30! Look no further than the Yiiho Compact and Lightweight Blow Dryer on Amazon, which is currently going for the amazing price of $29.99. Equivalent to the size and weight of your iPhone (YUP!), this portable hair dryer comes with a detachable piece to blow your hair out straight, and allows you to give yourself a salon-grade blow out anywhere you are!

Buy the Yiiho Compact and Lightweight Blow Dryer for $29.99 here.

To avoid heat damage to your hair, the brand used a high-frequency measuring sensor, which monitors the scalp and outlet temperature 30 times per second. The insert CPU will respond instantly to ensure the airflow under a constant temperature and protect your hair from heat damage. Although it has only 800 watts of power, the wind speed can reach 20 m/s and reviews say it is the best portable hair dryer, especially for short or medium length hair.

We also can’t get over how cute this portable hair dryer is! In a metallic light pink, you’re going to be stylish on the go with this in your bag ready to be used. No more trying to pack your bulky large hair dryer in your small carry-on suitcase, or leaving the gym with sweaty wet hair! This is the best portable hair dryer that can be used anywhere. It also features a 6.6 feet cord that allows you to blow-dry wherever you want, however you like!

The reviews speak for themselves! One five-star rater wrote, “This hair dryer is just the cutest thing! I love that it’s pink, small and lightweight. It has a good amount of airflow and has a little concentrator head attachment that you can easily put on or take off. The cord is around 6 feet long so plenty of length there. It has a high and low setting so it’s simple to use.” Another claimed, “I had to write this review and include a picture because I was so surprised at how tiny this hair dryer is. I have a Conair Cord Keeper for traveling but it is loud and just not my favorite. When I ordered this hair dryer, I expected it to be smaller than the regular sized one, but this thing is teeny! As you can see in the video, it’s about half the size of the regular hair dryer. so I was very skeptical about the performance. When I compared them, to my surprise, they’re equivalent in terms of airflow and heat. So due to its more compact size, I think it’s a better option.”

One reviewer compared this portable hair dryer to her Babyliss Nano Titanium Hair Dryer, which retails for $89.99, and said she prefers the Yiiho Portable Hair Dryer, that’s more than half the price! “I kept seeing this on Instagram and FB and been eyeing it since. I’ve been using my Babyliss nano which I absolutely love, for years. But this is amazing! It’s so unique, love the color, very lightweight and Much much quieter! I wish it was cordless, but other than that, love it, and will now be my new favorite!” she raved.

The manufacturer claims that hair can be dried in up to 10 minutes using the Yiiho and you’ll be ready to go! For those with longer hair, they recommend using a dry towel to dry excess moisture from your hair, which will greatly reduce drying time.

This amazing portable hair dryer is also the perfect gift this holiday season for any beauty lover in your life! If you know someone who is always on the go but loves to have the perfect blow out, the Yiiho Portable Hair Dryer is definitely the gift for her! Because of its small size, it’s the perfect stocking stuffer and can be paired with the cult-favorite Biolage shampoo and conditioner from Amazon, as well! For about $20 each, indulge in a bottle (or two) of Biolage’s Colorlast line of shampoo and conditioner right now. Gifted along with the Yiiho Portable Hair Dryer, the beauty lover in your life will be forever grateful for this gift of great hair!


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