The Fragrance Foundation to honour the career of Givaudan’s CEO Gilles Andrier

The Fragrance Foundation to honour the career of Givaudan's CEO Gilles Andrier

The decision has been made! Gilles Andrier, Managing Director of Givaudan, will receive the Hall of Fame Award from The Fragrance Foundation at the 2024 Fragrance Foundation Awards held in New York City on 5 June. The annual fragrance awards recognise and celebrate “extraordinary individuals, innovations, and achievements within the US fragrance industry.”

Gilles Andrier began his 30-plus year career at Givaudan in 1993, serving in a number of key roles including Head of Fragrances Operations, USA, Head of Consumer Products, Europe, Head of Fine Fragrances, Europe and Global Head of Fine Fragrances until he was appointed as CEO in 2005. At the head of the company he has led its global expansion and redefined its strategic direction making Givaudan a global leader in Fragrance & Beauty and Taste & Wellbeing, relying in particular on external growth operations.

On behalf of Givaudan, I am incredibly honoured and humbled to be recognised by The Fragrance Foundation with the 2024 Hall of Fame Award. This award pays tribute to everyone at Givaudan for their creativity, passion and contribution to our wonderful fine fragrance industry. Being part of this beautiful industry, one of artistry and craftsmanship coupled with innovation, has profoundly impacted my life. The power of fragrances to evoke emotions, to stir memories and to bring joy to people’s lives is an enduring contribution that we can all be proud of,” commented said Gilles Andrier.

Gilles Andrier is an exemplary purpose-driven leader whose strategic vision and passion for the fragrance industry is evident in everything he does and how he leads. Our shared values and vision for the world of fragrance puts the people, products and perfumers at the centre. He has been at the forefront of driving sustainability and DEI initiatives within his organisation, building community and bridging business goals with love for nature. We are extremely proud to bestow this honour in recognition of Givaudan’s heritage and to Gilles’ legacy,” said Linda G. Levy, President of The Fragrance Foundation.


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