‘Teen Mom 2’s Cole DeBoer Shares The Diet & Workouts He Used To Shed His ‘Dad Bod’ & Lose 15 Lbs.

‘Teen Mom 2′ star Cole DeBoer recently completed the now-famous ’75 Hard’ fitness challenge, and he’s now EXCLUSIVELY revealing what helped him reach the finish line successfully.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then it’s highly likely that someone you know has been participating in and posting about the “75 Hard Challenge” on social media. But if you’re still unfamiliar with it, then we should explain that it’s a 75-day plan created by motivational speaker, podcaster, author, and supplement company owner Andy Frisella, and it was created as a way to help others change their lives for the better and lose weight.

For Teen Mom 2 star Cole DeBoer, it was exactly what he needed to help him get rid of his self-proclaimed “dad bod”. To do the challenge correctly, though, Chelsea Houska‘s husband had to follow a diet, work out twice a day for at least 45 minutes, drink four liters of water per day, read 10 pages of nonfiction per day, take a 5-minute cold shower, take progress photos every day, and perform other unrelated tasks like a random act of kindness or talk to someone in person daily.

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FEELING DANGEROUS! Today is the 75th day of my #75hard #75hardchallenge ! I did it! I honestly feel brand new! Not only have I physically became more fit but my mind and my attitude toward my everyday life has been changed forever. I feel like my refresh button has been hit, both inside and out. When I first heard of this challenge I was all in and started 2 days after reading about it. I knew it would be tough, but I didn’t know it would be as tough and demanding as it actually was! Which made it even more worth it! We don’t achieve great things in life without busting our ass and doing the work. I feel so happy and proud, this has been an amazing ride and something I truly needed. Thank you @andyfrisella for creating such a life changing program. The biggest thanks throughout this journey needs to go to my beautiful wife @chelseahouska and family ! This has been a long road through this challenge and I could not have done it without you! You motivated me, you reminded me on days to check off my list, guided me on my eating, and made sure on the crazy busy days that I was able to complete things I needed too. I continue to be forever grateful for you everyday and I love you! Thank you also to all of you who followed along with my challenge, and if I have been able to shine a light on anyone at all and motivate you to become better for yourself then I am beyond grateful! Those of you who are still grinding it out, keep kicking ass!! You got this and I am still here. This is only the beginning of a new journey, there is no stopping me and nothing will stand in my way, like I said before, I’m….. FEELING DANGEROUS ! #fitness #grateful #blessed #motivation #lifestyle #hardwork #getoutdoors #success #transformation

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To us, this challenge sounded tough, but Cole recently sat down for an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife and revealed why doing the challenge was one of the best decisions he’s ever made — leading us to wonder whether or not we should try doing it ourselves.

“I needed something more challenging” than normal, everyday workouts, Cole revealed. He said he has “always been competitive” throughout his life and started to feel like he was “getting a little bit of a dad bod” due to “eating everything in sight.” Especially during quarantine. So once Chelsea mentioned the challenge to him a couple months ago, he decided to start just two days later.

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This was a brutal way to end this mornings workout! Tougher than I thought! Thanks for the challenge @brandon_bailey_87 ! I challenge the rest of you following along to try it out. Tag me, let’s see how you do. Good luck! Have some fun with it #tough #fitness #bringsallyupchallenge

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And because his “family was involved” along the way, and “watching” him do the challenge, Cole said, “I didn’t want them to see me fail.” So that’s primarily what kept him motivated throughout all 75 days. And it’s a good thing Cole’s family did help him because if he missed out on doing any one of the challenge’s daily tasks, he would have had to start all over again.

In the end, Cole lost a total of 15 lbs. from beginning to end, which you can see in the before and after pics above, but the biggest change he noticed was more mental. “It was just how I feel in general. I feel good, feel healthy, and when I’m out playing with my kids outside [now], I’m just ready to go. I’m not tired. I’m non-stop now, so I think I’m feeling more healthy and motivated to do things,” he told us.

Cole also explained that his diet included “eggs, [and] ezekiel bread.” He also said, “I became a huge fan of avocados, and I never ate avocados before. [I ate] just meat, no sauces — you know, I didn’t church it up — [it was] just basic. And I had to drink a gallon of water per day.”

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Hard work and kicking ass have boosted the success of my fitness journey. But the right supplements added to the mix gives me the results I’m looking for ?? NG NUTRA.. the link in my bio has it all. ? my wife thinks it’s funny I say gear.

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And thanks to supplements (NG NUTRA) sold at a local store in South Dakota, Cole said he was able to “plow through” both of his workouts on a daily basis without getting sore. In fact, he said the supplements “played a massive role” in helping him complete the challenge.

But that also doesn’t mean the challenge was easy for Cole. He went on to say that he’d often have to implement “goofy” workouts in the morning — like “throwing around a cinder block” — to keep himself motivated. And let’s be honest — everyone who’s been working out at home during quarantine knows it’s not always easy to stay motivated, so we’re happy that Cole shared this valuable tip with us to use in the future. Someone get us some cinder blocks, STAT!

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Feeling Dangerous… Because I am proud, I am busting my ass, I am changing my life not only physically but mentally as well. I am currently finishing day 23 of the #75hardchallenge #75hard and it 100% lives up to its name. But if we truly want to transform ourselves for the better and we keep that mindset, nothing can stand in the way. I am honored there are many of you following my journey and sharing your stories and journeys with me as well ??. Many of you have even shared I have inspired you in some way… that is what it’s all about and I am extremely humble and honored! Honestly! I can’t wait to finish these 75 days and become the best I can be. You should all feel proud and confident, let’s tell all those negative people and those who doubt to just watch the transformation! We are feeling dangerous

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Anyway, Cole thinks that anyone who’s looking for a serious change in their life should “dive in” and try this 75-day plan. “It’s definitely worth it,” he said, and if you need more proof than that, just take a look at his result above.

Want more from Cole? Catch new episodes of Teen Mom 2 every Tuesday at 9pm on MTV.

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