Silab relaunches Nutripeptides as a repairing concentrate for hair beauty

Silab relaunches Nutripeptides as a repairing concentrate for hair beauty

Nutripeptides is a natural active ingredient rich in rice di- and tri-peptides (Oryza sativa), initially recognized for its nourishing and protective effects on the skin. New Silab studies have demonstrated the hair repair potential of this active ingredient. Acording to Silab, Nutripeptides is capable of acting on both scalp and hair, thus providing a soothing and hydrating action that enhances hair’s beauty.

At a time when hair care is becoming more sophisticated by adopting skin care strategies, Silab has decided to capitalize on the nourishing and protective benefits that its active ingredient Nutripeptides offers to the skin to care for the scalp and hair.

Initially launched, 10 years ago, as a comprehensive anti-aging active ingredient for the skin, Nutripeptides is now finding a new position at the heart of the Skinification of the hair care offering.

The scalp is exposed daily to multiple factors (mechanical, thermal, chemical, even environmental) causing redness and irritations. These aggressions are not without consequence for the hair: it becomes dull and loses volume. The hair is thin, dry, and brittle. With awareness of this situation, hair care routines are changing in order to simultaneously consider the state of the scalp and quality of the hair,” explains Silab in a statement.

A balanced scalp for a beautified hair

Tests shave shown that Nutripeptides provides a hydrating and soothing action to the scalp after two months of treatment. Redness is significantly reduced, and the active ingredient has an anti-inflammatory effect, demonstrated in vitro by reduced IL-8 secretion.

In addition, Nutripeptides improves hair quality thanks to its repairing action on the hair fiber, as demonstrated by Silab through digital imaging. The hair’s shine, density, and volume are restored. These effects are significantly perceived by volunteers from the first month of application and intensify over the months of use.

Nutripeptides is a patented active ingredient recommended in all hair repair products at the amount of 0.5 to 2.5%. Available in aqueous solution, it displays a natural content of 99.4% (according to ISO 16128). It meets with international cosmetic regulations (Europe, United States, China, Japan, etc.).


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