PAT debuts its Exudactive line with an ingredient to repair the skin barrier

PAT debuts its Exudactive line with an ingredient to repair the skin barrier

Plant Advanced Technologies (PAT) will present HydraQueen Exudactive, its new cosmetic active ingredient, at the Cosmet’Agora trade show on January 16 and 17, 2024 in Paris. Dedicated to repairing the skin barrier, this plant active ingredient inaugurates the launch of the company’s new Exudactive line.

The French company specialized in the discovery and production of rare – usually inaccessible – active plant compounds for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and fine chemicals markets is launching HydraQueen Exudactive, a new moisturizing active ingredient dedicated to the restoration of the skin’s barrier function and the protection of sensitive skin. It has also demonstrated antioxidant and anti-radical activities, as well as antipollution and energizing benefits.

A bounty of secondary metabolites

Extracted from meadowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria) roots, a traditional European medicinal plant known for its many biological properties, HydraQueen Exudactive was developed using PAT’s aeroponic growing and plant optimization techniques. According to the company, this multiplied by 82 the active ingredient’s content in secondary metabolites.

In vivo and in vitro efficacy tests have demonstrated the numerous benefits of this natural active ingredient for the skin. According to PAT, HydraQueen Exudactive helps to: restore the fragile balance of the skin’s barrier function (+52% on D14); to defend the skin against pollution (TEER +17% on stressed mature skin), dehydration and environmental stress; to maintain internal hydration (+60% on day 14) and to protect against external irritants; and to repair and strengthen sensitive skin.

Sustainable sourcing and production chain

HydraQueen Exudactive is manufactured in France, with a fully controlled production chain traced from seed to active ingredient on the PAT site. All of the company’s operations are ISO9001-2015 certified, and their horticultural activities and aeroponic cultivation in France have been awarded a High Environmental Value (HVE) level 3 seal.

The aeroponics production method saves cultivated areas helps to save natural resources through a reduction of cultivated areas (and 4 annual harvests and a life expectancy of at least 3 years for plants), the reduction of water consumption by recycling 100% of the culture water (closed cycle), a zero pesticide cultivation process in a natural greenhouse, and by multiplying by 96 times the quantity of molecules collected compared to in open fields cultivation.

HydraQueen Exudactive is COSMOS compatible and 100% of natural origin (as defined by ISO 16128).

A new collection of natural active ingredients

With the launch of HydraQueen Exudactive, PAT also debuts its new Exudactive range, the new name of the “Plant Milking” process developed by PAT.

A series of other pre-launch ingredients is scheduled to add to the new range. Extracted from plants such as Rhus chinensis and Equisetum hyemale, they are also concentrated in highly active root molecules and offer different cosmetic benefits, such as anti-aging, radiance, and protection.

At PAT, our commitment to sustainable innovation is at the heart of what we do. We are committed to offering superior quality ingredients for the cosmetic industry while preserving the environment,” highlights Jean-Paul Fèvre, President of PAT.

The launch of this new range is part of PAT’s new commercial strategy which is striving to resolve a significant liquidity crisis with the aim of returning to a cash-generating activity from 2025.


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