Mick Jagger’s girlfriend, Melanie Hamrick, showed off her amazing flexibility & balance during a workout!

If there’s one thing for sure about Mick Jagger’s girlfriend, Melanie Hamrick, 34, it’s that she has some serious balancing skills. The former ballerina took to Instagram to share a video of herself working out and her balance and flexibility are unparalleled. She posted a video of herself wearing a black Nike sports bra, a pair of high-waisted black shorts, and a pair of sneakers.

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In the video, Melanie is balancing on a half-moon exercise ball that is super tough to stay on, let alone with one leg. While one leg stayed on the surface, the other was up in the air attached to a strap that she pulled across her entire body. She didn’t move a muscle as her toned body effortlessly carried her leg around behind her back.

This isn’t the first time Melanie showed off her hard workouts. Just a few weeks ago she posted a video of herself working out with her trainer, Joel Prouty, when she showed off her balance, yet again, as she did one-legged bicep curls while leaning against a bench. She posted the video with the caption, “Daily workout infused with ballet training.”

When Melanie isn’t showing off her workouts, she is usually posting photos of herself practicing ballet or photos from ballet competitions. If there is one thing for sure – it’s that Melanie has an incredible figure and she seriously works hard for her toned frame.

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