Skin cancer rates are rising in young men—and sunscreen use is not.

Jessica Ourisman

Sep 24, 2021

Tanja IvanovaGetty Images

It’s not a generalization to say that men aren’t particularly great about sun protection. “I ask every person that I perform a skin examination on whether or not they wear sunscreen daily. Easily 70 percent of male patients say that they do not,” board-certified dermatologist Corey L. Hartman, founder of Skin Wellness Dermatology, tells “According to reports, only about 14 percent of men use sunscreen on their faces and other sun-exposed skin when going outside.”

Skin experts unanimously agree that even the most minimalist of skin care routines calls for broad-spectrum UV protection of at least SPF 30 every single day. It’s recommended for cosmetic concerns like preventing dark spots, melasma, and photoaging, but more importantly, for the prevention of skin cancer—the fourth most common cause of death for adults between the ages of 24 and 29, according to board-certified dermatologist Eva Simmons-O’Brien, cofounder of Simmons-O’Brien & Orlinsky LLC, and medical director of Disco Skincare.


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