Lumson taps into the hair care market with new packaging solutions

Leveraging its expertise on the skin care and makeup markets, the Italian supplier and manufacturer of primary packaging taps into the dynamic premium hair care market with a comprehensive offer of packaging solutions.

Based on three different collections — Slim, Verona, and Round — Lumson’s new ’turnkey’ hair care offer includes bottles, dispensing systems, decoration, and accessories. “With 19 solutions available in various sizes, these collections were created to suit different product types present in the market, from serums to masks, and to address the progressive fusion of hair care and skincare, also known as ‘skinification’,” said Lumson.

The Slim collection features nine different bottles ranging from 30 to 400 ml and available in various materials (glass, PET, PE). According to Lumson this collection is ideal for brands seeking elegance and sophistication coupled with functionality and practicality.

The minimalism-inspired Verona collection offers PETG bottles in sizes ranging from 50 to 200 ml to be paired with both traditional and precision dispensing systems for professional applications focused on the scalp.

With muted colours and a soft-touch finish, the Round collection is dedicated to products more closely linked to nature. The glass or PE bottles, ranging from 50 to 250 ml, are designed for products that are applied directly to the hair or scalp. They can be paired with a wide range of dispensing systems.



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