Groupe Berkem extends its H2OLIXIR range of 100% natural floral waters

Groupe Berkem extends its H2OLIXIR range of 100% natural floral waters

The group specializing in bio-based chemistry has announced the extension of its 100% natural, 97.5% organic floral water range, H2OLIXIR, designed for the Health and Beauty industries.

After having debuted its range with two solutions launched in March 2023, namely peppermint water and lemon balm water, Groupe Berkem is now launching two new products composed of plant extracts with natural qualities particularly sought after in the composition of many cosmetic products, namely:


 Lavender water: features a soothing and antioxidant action that reduces discomfort, its properties can be used in a wide range of cosmetic applications, such as facial care and sensitive skincare, soothing skincare and the fight against premature skin aging;


 Thyme water: providing a wide range of benefits, from its antioxidant action to its purifying properties, it is used in facial care for combination, oily or acne-prone skin, as a purifying cleanser or as a repairing facial treatment and also purifies oily hair and cleanses the scalp.

As with its two previous products, these new solutions have been designed by Groupe Berkem using a process known as desiccation, which involves drying plants to extract the water they contain, while preserving the benefits of the original plants. This method ensures that the best possible properties are drawn from the very heart of plant extracts to address the cosmetics market.

Each floral water in the H2OLIXIR range is guaranteed 100% natural and 97.5% organic. All are upcycled, organically grown in France and certified COSMetic Organic and natural Standard – COSMOS (Organic and natural cosmetics).

The extension of our H2OLIXIR range is further proof of Groupe Berkem’s ability to innovate in a market where naturalness and performance are key themes. Thanks to these two new solutions, with their multiple applications and recognized virtues, we intend to address new, high value-added segments of the cosmetics market, while guaranteeing our customers their natural, organic properties and sourcing in France,” said Eric Moussu, Vice President of Sales of Groupe Berkem.


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