Grolman to distribute Taiyo’s PEG-free solubilisers and emulsifiers in Europe

Grolman to distribute Taiyo's PEG-free solubilisers and emulsifiers in Europe

The German-headquartered distributor of speciality ingredients has signed an exclusive agreement with Japanese cosmetic additives producer Taiyo. Under the newly formed partnership, the Grolman Group will distribute Taiyo’s portfolio of personal care surfactants in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey and Greece.

Taiyo’s portfolio of functional cosmetic additives includes over fifty variants of Polyglycerol Fatty Acid Esters (PGFEs), designed to meet various application needs. Key to this range is their feature of being PEG-free, promoting enhanced stability, reduced skin irritation and improved sensory experiences.

Among Taiyo’s stand-out products is the SunSoft Q-Y Series, which are renowned for their hydrophilicity and effectiveness, whether used as a solubiliser or makeup remover.

Taiyo has also developed specific emulsifiers like SunSoft No.818SK-C(MB), tailored for suncare and foundation formulations, and Taiset 50-C(MB), a versatile natural emulsifier. Another highlight from Taiyo’s range is the SunSoft AP series, featuring conditioning agents derived from Apricot Kernel Oil with a polyglycerol composition profile. For emollient needs, SunOil DDI(MB) stands out with its remarkable moisture retention capacity, while Taiset OG-C(MB) serves as an oil-soluble aesthetic modifier. Moreover, the partnership emphasises sustainability and safety, with products sourced from natural and traditional ingredients.

Grolman said the collaboration is set to provide a diverse range of solutions for customers within the personal care industry.


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