Gallinée innovates with a calming and anti-stress in & out duo

Gallinée innovates with a calming and anti-stress in & out duo

The young skincare brand, which pioneered the microbiome-friendly cosmetic segment, has unveiled its latest innovation: an in and out duo designed for the well-being of the skin and the mind. Explanations by Marie Drago, the founder of Gallinée.

A pioneer of microbiome-friendly cosmetics, Gallinée is debuting in April its new Calm & Microbiome holistic duo. Featuring a serum and a diet supplement, the new range aims to effectively soothing skin and alleviating psychological stress. “Our lifestyles directly impact our body and our microbiome. Too frequent washing, exposure to pollution, lack of sleep, overexposure to UV rays contribute to the cutaneous stress,” underlines Marie Drago, Doctor in Pharmacy and the founder of Gallinée, which was acquired by Shiseido in 2022.

“When sensitized, skin ends up reacting by developing inflammation, redness and irritation. In an increasingly anxiety-enhancing environment, 73% of consumers believe that their skin is more sensitive than three years ago. The microbiome is key and soothing it helps the skin to regain serenity,” she continues.

Probiotics with soothing powers

The Calm & Microbiome serum is powered by a complex of marine prebiotics, based on red and green algae and sea water, and bioavailable fermented oat. Rich in lactobacilli, this highly concentrated cocktail of active ingredients penetrates and stabilizes the skin barrier, thanks to its composition of fatty acids and phospholipids.

“As far as the results on the skin are concerned, we observed: a 100% reduction in skin reactions [1], 58% of immediate reduction in skin tightness and a 35% reduction in redness after 28 days [2],” explains Marie Drago.

“In addition, 86% of volunteers simply feel more comfortable when using the serum, 78% feel more comfortable about the appearance of their skin [3] and 76% say the serum provides a well-being feeling [4]”, says the founder.

The diet supplement, for its part, is also enriched with haematococcus pluvialis red algae, an ultra-powerful antioxidant prebiotic, and psychobiotics. “A unique and highly concentrated combination of two varieties of live probiotics, lactobacillus helveticus and bifidobacterium longum! The strains of probiotics that we have chosen have been the subject of numerous studies showing their effectiveness on stress in particular,” comments Marie Drago. “This is why, in addition to quickly relieving the skin and hydrating it in the long term, the Calm & Microbiome supplement reduces cortisol (a biomarker of stress), thus providing a healthy response to stress via the microbiome,” she adds.

The new range perfectly illustrates the current craze for “holistic beauty”, dedicated to the overall well-being of the individual. With the risk of using claims that might be considered not pertaining to the cosmetic field.

“Science has made a lot of discoveries over the recent years regarding the link between skin, the intestines and the brain, which we did not imagine even two years ago. Today we can say that stress has an impact on the brain, the intestines and the skin,” underlines the founder of Gallinée. “However, it is obvious that as a cosmetics brand, we are not seeking to do more than improving the skin quality, soothing it and slightly influencing mental resilience and skin stress,” concludes the doctor. in pharmacy.


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