Galénic aims to strengthen its footprint on the luxury skincare market

Galénic aims to strengthen its footprint on the luxury skincare market

Now owned by China’s Yatsen group, the high-end skincare brand is reconnecting with its roots through the launch of an endowment fund to stimulate research in dermatology. Four projects have just been rewarded by the recently formed scientific committee.

Organized at the end of December at the Hôtel de la Monnaie in Paris, the Galénic Dermatology Research Fund awards ceremony was an opportunity for the brand, which celebrated its 45th anniversary in 2023, to reaffirm its ambitions after having joined China’s Yatsen group in 2020.

Galénic was created by visionary pharmacist Pierre Fabre in 1978. From the outset, the brand’s mission has been to bring science into the world of luxury beauty. The launch of the Galénic Dermatology Research Fund is part of this heritage,” said Sarah Michel-Stevens, Managing Director of Galénic Cosmetics Laboratory.

Precisely, the creation of an endowment fund and of a scientific committee [1] are intended to consolidate this identity strongly rooted in dermatological research.

Galénic is a genuine scientific brand built on rigorous research and scientific evidence. I’m extremely pleased to be part of this collaboration, which will play an important role in the development of improved knowledge of skin physiology. Their support of innovation and scientific discovery is in perfect harmony with the needs of biomedical research. For over a year now, we have been working together to push even further the boundaries of dermatology, research and scientific progress,” highlighted Professor Jean-David Bouaziz, President of the Galenic Dermatology Research Fund Scientific Committee.

Four awarded projects

Coming from different areas of science, the seven members of the committee* have the mission of evaluating and choosing the most innovative research projects.

During the ceremony on December 19, 2023, four projects were awarded: Dr Corinne Leprince for her researches on the importance of autophagy in the barrier function of the epidermis; Dr. Elodie Labit’s for the exploration of neuro-immune interactions in skin repair; Dr Muriel Cario Andre, for a research project focused on a new method for improving the bioavailability and penetration of active ingredients into the skin, specifically for the treatment of skin cancers; and Dr. Fabien Chevalier for a research project focused on the role of small molecule called miR-30a in skin aging regulation.

A grant of 100,000 euros, divided into four financial allocations of an individual amount of 25,000 euros, will provide the winners with the financial means allowing them to push their research projects forward.

Thus, Galénic aims to perpetuate its heritage as a pioneering brand of innovative skincare and collaborations with experts in dermatology seen as a complement to the scheduled launch of a dedicated R&D Center in Toulouse, France.


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