“Eco-responsibility is a real challenge for sun care products”, Alpol

"Eco-responsibility is a real challenge for sun care products", Alpol

The French manufacturer, specialising in skin care formulas, is launching a new range of eco-friendly sun care products that are free from PEG, “controversial filters” and silicones. The new range meets consumer expectations but its development required to address many challenges, said the company.

In a context of growing concern about climate change and global pollution, consumers are looking for products that help them reduce their environmental footprint. In the case of solar products, eco-innovation is coupled with an unavoidable requirement for product efficiency.

As far as sun care products are concerned, the criteria that consumers are increasingly seeking are: respect for the skin and the environment, as well as advanced sensorial qualities. They want efficient products, together with a pleasant and sensory application. Sun protection products are transforming into real skin care products. Transparency on the composition and the consequences on the environment are additional challenges,” explains Alpol Cosmétique, a French contract manufacturer specializing in skin care products.

A range of six new eco-designed sun care products

In 2015, Alpol created a working group dedicated to sunscreen products with the mission of finding the best formulations combining product efficiency, sensorial qualities and environmental friendliness. “The poor reputation of certain organic filters, as well as regulatory changes around the world have forced our experts in sun care products to test new formulations,” highlights the company.

As a result of this extensive research, Alpol Cosmétique is launching a new range of six eco-friendly sun care products that are free from PEG, “controversial filters” and silicones.


 Soft Care Water Resistant Spray SPF 50+, a water resistant spray with a UVA/UVB ratio higher than the regulatory 1/3 and a fluid texture that allows a quick penetration as well as a silky finish.


 Anti Pollution Shield SPF50+ PA++++, a two-in-one sun care cream that efficiently protected from sun and pollution, with an moisturizing and easy to apply fluid texture.


 The Ideal Care Cream SPF50+ that combines hydration and sun protection with a melting and gliding texture offering a powdery finish that leaves the skin soft and non-shiny.


 Velvet Emulsion Protection SPF50+, combines four UV filters for a really high protection against UV rays. Its melting and gliding feeling leaves the skin soft, silky and with no greasy finish.


 Protecting Milk SPF50+, a semi fluid milk glides with a UVA/UVB ratio higher than the regulatory 1/3.


 Cream To Powder SPF50+, a hydrating and softening skin an sun care product, with a compact texture that allows a cream application and a powdered finish.

For an optimal reduction of the environmental footprint, Alpol Cosmétique has formulated the products with ingredients of natural origin in the highest possible concentrations and has tested the compatibility of certain formulas with packaging mixing plastic and cardboard.

However, beyond environmental-friendliness, consumer awareness of skin cancer risks and premature aging due to exposure to UV rays, leads them to favour a high sun protection factor. This is why we have developed all our sunscreens with an SPF50+”, adds Alpol.

Tailor-made development and support

For the development of these new formulas, Alpol’s R&D team relied on state-of-the-art equipment, in particular a high-performance optical microscope with a high definition camera, a filter solubilization calculation tool (developed by in-house) and in vitro SPF tests conducted internally to save time and improve performance.

For all new projects of sun protection product, three support and customization options are possible depending on the needs and priorities of brand: ready-to-use tested products that are immediately available; products with specific tests adapted to brand needs; or products with extensive customization.


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