Eau Thermale Jonzac strengthens organic dermo-cosmetics positioning

Eau Thermale Jonzac strengthens organic dermo-cosmetics positioning

The skincare brand founded in 2011 by the Léa Nature group has grown by 38% over the past five years. Distributed in specialist organic stores, parapharmacies and pharmacies, the company is now looking to highlight its technical dermocosmetics expertise by expanding its presence in pharmacies, revamping its visual identity, and redesigning its anti-ageing range.

Driven by the dynamic hygiene and beauty market, which is particularly strong in pharmacy channels (+10.2% in value in 2023), and despite the slowdown in organic market sales, the Eau Thermale Jonzac brand has maintained its growth at +38% over the past five years, with a turnover of EUR 22 million – and forecasts predict EUR 40 million for 2027.

Against this backdrop, the company is migrating its product offering towards the world of dermocosmetics, particularly in pharmacies.

“We have already embraced all the codes of dermocosmetics, and we are moving our shelf positioning from the organic to the dermocosmetics pharmacy departments”, says Sales Director Elie Saad.

“Dermatologists are much reassured to know there is an offering that provides the same efficacy and safety as other dermocosmetics brands, but with an extra argument, that of naturalness. That is what is driving pharmacists to make a change to their shelves”, continues Fanny Spriet, Cosmetics Communications Director.

Eau Thermale Jonzac currently has 1,600 pharmacies as part of the 4,000 points of sale in its distribution network in France, and aims to reach 3,000 within the next two years.

New brand codes

The brand’s positioning combines three key elements: the Jonzac thermal spring water and its skin benefits, naturalness, with 99% of ingredients of natural origin and an organic certification, and the codes of dermocosmetics. And to be even more in tune with this world, they started to revamp the visual identity in 2023.

“We wanted to boost the perception of our technical expertise and efficacy through recognized market codes to fully express our dermocosmetics positioning”, says Fanny Spriet.

The new product design is currently being rolled out across all ranges and comes with a revamping of the communication visuals. “We still have plenty of potential to increase the brand’s visibility and recruit new consumers, in particular through investment in communications”, adds the Director.

A renewed anti-ageing range

Over the past 13 years, the brand has developed ranges for all types of skin problems, including skin repair and atopic conditions. It has also positioned itself in the anti-ageing segment with the Sublimactive range, created in 2012 and now completely revamped, with new formulas and test results.

The concept of the 2024 version of the Sublimactive range is based on a dual action on both wrinkles and the microbiome, through a patented complex, the thermal microbiome, combining a postbiotic contributing to the skin’s microbial balance, lactobacillus acidophilus, and Jonzac thermal spring water, as well as a red algae with anti-wrinkle functions. The Sublimactive routine is made up of six products: a serum, a rich cream, a light cream, a night cream, an eye contour cream, and micellar water in small and large sizes, with prices ranging from EUR 3.90 to EUR 33.90 for the Concentrated Firming Serum, a new product in the range.

The launch will be supported by a series of actions in pharmacies, as well as a TV and digital campaign, starting from April 23rd.

Major global challenges

Currently present in 29 countries, mainly in Europe, Eau Thermale Jonzac, which currently generates less than 10% of its turnover outside France, aims to conquer new markets. “As part of our strategy, it is a very important area of development for the next three to ten years, because this offering has a lot of potential, in particular in Asia”, remarks Fanny Spriet.

Some of the references were launched a few weeks ago in the United States.

“While our domestic ambitions are 10% a year, we are aiming for 30% to 35% globally, so we should reach approximately 9 to 10 million over the next seven or eight years”, concludes Elie Saad.


Elie Saad, Sales Director, Eau Thermale Jonzac

Fanny Spriet, Cosmetics Communications Director, Eau Thermale Jonzac

Eau Thermale Jonzac strengthens organic dermo-cosmetics positioning


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