AS Watson Group appoints co-managing directors of Watsons China

AS Watson Group appoints co-managing directors of Watsons China

AS Watson Group has appointed Fred Chan and Vivian Nie as Co-Managing Directors of Watsons China, succeeding Kulvinder Birring, current CEO of Watsons China, who has been appointed as CEO of Marionnaud Group, a subsidiary of CK Hutchison Holdings.

Fred Chan joined Watsons China in 2011 as Operations Director of South China. At the time, Watsons China had just over 1,000 stores and today the business has grown to 3,800 O+O (online + offline) stores. Over the years, Fred’s role has expanded geographically, and was promoted to his current role as General Manager of Sales Operations in 2023. He has been instrumental in building operational excellence in sales operations, is passionate in developing talents on the field, and has been one of the key driving forces in the O+O transformation in the business.

Vivian Nie joined Watsons China in 2018 as the Marketing Director, and was subsequently promoted to General Manager, Customer Growth in 2021. In 2023, she took on additional responsibility for the trading function. Vivian has brought fresh perspectives and innovative thinking, enabling us to adapt to the ever-changing market landscape. She has demonstrated her versatility and ability to effectively manage multiple areas of the business, and she has been instrumental in the development of award-winning MyStore O+O business model on the Wechat Enterprise Platform interacting with 43 million customers, and the recent launch of OptimO, Watsons’ retail media business.

The appointments are effective from April 2024.


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